Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Hammock

This is the hammock that is pictured in my header. But this is the winter version. I think of all the hot summer days when I would lie in the hammock and read and nap. Often Mr. B would bring me lunch - with Lays potato chips. Doesn't get any better than that! Hot days will come again!


Troy said...

If you plan on laying in the hammock and reading right now, I'd suggest a nice hot cup of spiced cider to keep you company.

Dar said...

oh, the joy of a hammock, no matter what the weather....ya gotta loveit

Dar said...

You asked if I had a hammock...I made two of them for the cabin in spring over the edge of the creek as the water rushes over the rocks, and summer at the mosquitoes to fight and my GrandLoves visit here often so we string one up between 2 maples in the shade. Mine are canvas but I have always wanted one like yours...thanks for visiting. Come again