Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winning Photo and Others

Shelia of Starshine Through My Windows and MerCyn of Six Decades and Counting- Life Reinvented, asked to see a closeup of my winning photo in the University of Connecticut art contest. The catagory was Nature and the Environment, an artistic celebration of the natural world. Ladies, thank you for your interest. The photo below is the winner.

                                                                    "Evening Mirror"

                                                     And here are my other entries.

                                                     "Good Night and Good Luck"

                                                              "Autumn Reflection"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I did win a prize!

I never meant it to be this long between posts. My photography seems to have consumed me! I have even had to give up reading novels for several weeks to get everything done.

I won a prize in the University of Connecticut Sustainable Depictions Art Contest sponsored by the University of Connecticut's Environmental Policy Department!!!! 

Here I am at the opening reception with my photo. The one on the right is also mine. The winning photo is Mr. B 's favorite. He named it "Evening Mirror."

Suddenly Christmas is almost here and I am still madly framing photos for my January show. But I took time off to paint a section of the kitchen cabinets with my son-in-law. Busy as I am, I volunteered to host my Camera Club Christmas party. So now I have two days to get the house cleaned, organized and decorated.

We had a tree cutting and decorating party. Friends were glad to go with us to cut a ten foot tree. After a lunch of chili we decorated the tree as we listened to Christmas music and sang along.  Several of our young friends had never had a live tree in their house so this was an experience for them!

I haven't forgotten you all and I plan to post regularly again!
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!