Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hornets' Nest

I was out for a walk and feeling so cold that I was ready to head in. I looked at the trees in the distance and saw something large hanging. "Couldn't be," I thought. "Maybe it's a squirrels' nest." As I walked I kept my eye on it until I was right under the tree where it was hanging. And here it is for you to see!

It would be perfectly safe to collect the nest this time of year. It is only used one season, during the summer. The hornets leave in the fall or those who stay freeze or die of old age. This link tells more about it. I asked my hubby if he would get it for me, maybe by using a truck with a bucket! I am in no danger of actually getting the nest as it is about 25 feet up in the air!

After I took some pictures and turned toward home, I realized I wasn't cold any longer. In my excitement I had forgotten about being cold!


Cottage Cozy said...

That is unbelievable! It is actually pretty though.

I love the photos of your house on your header. It looks so serene and inviting! Did you get the nest down?

Linda said...

I use to live in an old farm house and we had a lot of hornets around. They were constantly building nest. I was afraid of them and had them removed because they were usually near the house. I don't think I ever saw one as pretty as the one in your picture. The ones I saw were kind of ugly. We had 2 old unused ones in our side attics. Linda

Dar said...

Your hornets nest really is a pretty one. I would be sure to fumigate it before bringing it into any warm area. A friends son took one to school for show and tell once, and as the nest warmed up with the room, the classroom got pretty excited, so some do survive and revive. To fumigate it, simply put rubbing alcohol on cotton balls in the corner of a sealed garbage bag for a few days with the entrance to the nest toward but not touching the alcohol balls. I have one in the cabin. Have fun...and
God Bless