Friday, May 11, 2012

New Friends - Old Friends

Spring is flying by and I don't have much to show for the days. I have had lots of lazy enjoyment and read a ton of books - pure escapist fare. I am still not feeling like doing much. Maybe I should stop worrying about that and roll with it. Normally I try to accomplish a few things every day that I can look back on at bedtime and feel good about. Is reading a book a day enough?

I have a new friend. We met at the Windham Garden Club meeting and she has already been here for coffee. We hit it off instantly. She has moved here from Virginia but is originally a Connecticut girl. JP is the outgoing type of person who hugs you when she meets you.

Moving here at this stage of my life - (being old) - has made it a real challenge to meet people. Normally one connects through one's children. My answer was to join clubs and get involved. JP is doing the same thing. The problem is that when you are the newcomer everyone else has their friendships formed and groups in place. There don't seem to be a lot of new people here in Windham.

An interesting thing about JP is she is a fellow blogger. Now I can say I am friends with a blogger like many of the rest of you. Check out JP's blog, JP-aquietcorner. She is referring to me as Mona but I told her it is okay to use my real name. (An artist has to spread her name around :)

The place where I had the most friends, Cooperstown, NY, had lots of new people in town because of  the Imogene Basset Hospital. A few of us started a Newcomers Club. From the original six, the Club grew to over thirty members. Never having lived near family, I learned how important it is to create a support group of friends. Maybe because I grew up in a small town, I love seeing people I know when I go to the store or the post office. My sister on the other hand didn't like people knowing her. She wanted to be anonymous.

Mr. B and I are blessed with having "old" friends still living in Massachusetts where we used to live. We have been friends with that couple for forty years. We knew each other when we were younger, slimmer and were new parents. C and I have gone up in clothes sizes together. Fortunately I have stayed a size behind her so she gives me her lovely hand-me-downs!

Speaking of Mr. B, he has found out I refer to him as "Mr. B" and is not happy about it. Too dull he says. I think he would prefer me to call him "Stud" in my blog.


TexWisGirl said...

oh my gosh! even reading JPs posts the other days, i didn't make the connection that it was YOU!!! i even looked at the artist display and thought 'wow, that woman looks SO FAMILIAR!'. ha ha! too dang funny! the world is indeed a small place! so glad the 2 of you have hooked up!

Linda said...

Breaking into groups can be difficult. I don't know why people are like that. I just wanted to let you know I commented on your comment on my blog. I'm not sure if people know when I do that. Enjoy your new friendship.

Stephanie said...

I can certainly agree with trying to break into groups when meeting new people. Glad you were able to form a new friendship. I am lucky to finish reading a book within a month. Have a wonderful weekend!

Pondside said...

I love your attitude and your willingness to make new friends. We're never too old to be the new girl! I belonged to a newcomers group when we came here and it was the best thing I could have done. I still like to meet new people and make new friends - old or new, a friend is good for the heart.

Sheila said...

It was interesting to read about your transition from your familiar surroundings to be closer to your family. I'm happy to hear that you have joined clubs and are meeting new friends. A home can be a haven but sometimes it really benefits a person to get out of the house and to meet new people. Every person has a story to tell and it's great to be able to connect with new people no matter what our circumstances are. Have a good week Nancy!

A Quiet Corner said...

...hmmm? Someone named "JP"....I wonder?...:)JP