Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dining at the Hoffmanns'

More snow overnight! This is Virginia?

At least the birds have a place to dine. No reservations needed but there is a wait! The lobby (trees and shrubs) is full.

I am having such fun taking bird and squirrel pictures. Even the elusive cardinal posed for me - repeatedly!

You will be seeing lots more of my nature photos. The scattered seeds on the deck railing and the table on the porch are really bringing the birds in close. I can take photos from the comfort of my recliner and not even get cold!
Can you believe I have taken 1500 shots since Christmas? What a fun day!

And I am so grateful for power and heat!


A Life In Focus Photography said...

i am doing the exact same thing here. blizzard conditions, but i am snapping shots from the comfort of my warm house!

Linda said...

Love this picture. I love to watch the birds in my butterfly bush. It's right out my window. Haven't seen any lately. I don't have a feeder, but would like to get one sometime. Linda

Abounding Treasures said...
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Carol said...

You have such great bird pictures! Sounds like you're having lots of fun with that camera!

C. Stuart said...

Nice action shot and I love the caption!