Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mr. B's Hibiscus Tree

Mr. B loved to accompany me to purchase plants. Part way through one summer we found a small hibiscus tree at half price. He loved it so we brought it home and it lived the summer on our front walk. Every time we left the house we counted the blossoms on the tree. When cooler weather arrived I brought the tree into the living room where it could get lots of sun. It bloomed sporadically that first winter and thrived when it went outside for the next summer. The tree has now spent three winters in the living room and it will soon be outdoors again.

It is fitting that my first foray into creating with my photographs since Mr. B passed away is this photo of a bloom from that tree, snapped in the living room a few weeks ago.

                                          In memory of Mr. B  -  "Impact"