Monday, October 14, 2013

Special Recognition Photo at

I have been awarded a Special Recognition Certificate for my photo being chosen to be included in an Online Art Gallery - “Animals” 2013 Art Exhibition .

This is sponsored by
Proceed to the Photography and Digital Category at the bottom and click on the blue link. My photo of  Chester, a golden lab, contemplating the lake is the 5th row from the bottom, next to the turkeys.

Say hello to "Chester." He is a friend of a friend.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

New kind of hammock - A Floating Bed

I'm crazy about movement when I relax - rocking chairs, gliders, porch swings, hammocks. Now I have found something different - a floating bed.  This looks like such fun.

Wish I had one in my living room!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Golden Atumn Leaves

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day. With the sun coming though leaves that were turning yellow, the woods looked golden. Mr. B managed to find the way to a stream in Hanover, CT that we had seen two years ago. There was plenty of space to pull the car off the road. I headed into the woods and clambered over the large rocks bordering the stream. My tripod was useful in helping me maintain my balance.

The first time I photographed this stream two years ago was my first time successfully adjusting my shutter speed and everything else to get a nice smooth effect on the flowing water. In the interim I have learned a lot. Today's photo shoot was a big success. I only had to delete a few shots - most of them because I was having trouble standing still on the wet rocks. Visions of myself on crutches was strong motivation to be very careful!

I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place - Northeast Connecticut.