Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pressing ahead with Art

There are opportunities for artists if you look carefully. I have been fortunate to land in a place that has a lot going on. Willimantic, CT is establishing an "Arts and Eats" district. Stores and restaurants are being asked to make their windows and establishments available for artists to display their artwork. I have come to an agreement with a new restaurant on Main Street, Jamacian-Me-Crazy, to use one of the windows in their building. To this end I have ordered some small photos on canvas, all in bright colors.

This peony will be in a bright red frame.

The show at the Lebanon Art Gallery has been hung and is being "tweaked." It is impressive how quickly this co-operative gallery was organized. First day open is July 5, 2014 and Opening Reception is July 11. Hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday noon-6,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Technology, more than I can handle . . . .

     I once titled a blog post, "Pulled through a knothole backwards." That is the way I felt after color calibrating my monitors using the Spyder 4 Elite. Don't you love directions that say, "Insert disk and follow instructions to install." It is never that simple! There were questions I didn't know how to answer - Is your monitor Wide Gamut or Normal Gamut? WHAT?? How do I know and how do I find out? I pestered my poor son-in-law to death. He was so patient but he was busy with his own project in the garage involving noisy tools.
     So I slogged through, started over a couple of times, and I Think I have calibrated my two monitors. Yes, Think I have. I suppose the test is to order something printed and see how it turns out. It is a gamble and I prefer a sure thing when I am spending money. I have been promising myself to print some of my art on canvas so I will be prepared for a future show. Now is the time.
      Thanks to my friend, Karen E., for giving me her "spare" Spyder! 

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Exciting Event - Lebanon Art Gallery in Lebanon, CT

A wonderful opportunity for artists in northeastern Connecticut is the opening of an artists' co-operative art gallery in Lebanon, Connecticut in the lovely barn pictured above. I am delighted to be a part of this and will help to hang the first show which will include some of my work. It opens to the public on Saturday, July 5, 2014. Below is our press release. Please share the news with your friends and come to see our Art Show!

Twenty-two local artists and artisans will open the new Lebanon Art Gallery located at 927 Trumbull Hwy (Rt. 87), Lebanon, CT 06249. The gallery will be open from Noon to 6:00 Friday through Sunday beginning Saturday, July 5, 2014 since Friday is the holiday. A “Meet The Artists” reception will be from 5-7:00 PM on July 11nd.  The show will end on July 27 with the second show open between August 8 and Sept. 1.

Lebanon Art Gallery is a local association devoted to promoting artists and craftspeople.  Its mission is to be a seasonal gallery space dedicated to showing and selling the work of local and Lebanon based artists and artisans. The gallery will be open from May through October and serve community members of all ages, as a gathering place for classes, workshops and enjoyment of the arts.

Our vision is that artists, craftspeople, writers and musicians will volunteer time and expertise to make the gallery a success. The barn space, garden and Tea House available for the Gallery is being generously offered by Sandra Samolis, a long-time Lebanon resident and artist.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Digital Painting

This started out as a close up of the inside of a flower and went through many changes. I love the touch of blue contrasting with the warm colors.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Art Gallery in Lebanon, CT

Exciting things are happening in our area of Connecticut. At our Artists' Networking Lunch at the Main Street Cafe in Willimantic, CT, two women who are opening a seasonal art gallery in Lebaonon, CT told us about their plans. Today was the organizational meeting to create an artists' co-operative to run the gallery this summer. A publicity committee was established and the first show is set to open July 2. Lebanon is beautiful and a visit to the historic town will be a treat to everyone. Check out the Facebook page for Lebanon Art Gallery.

With a July show on the horizon, I will need to produce some new work. 
Here is one named "Glow"