Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grateful for a Quiet Evening with Mr. B

My world changed when I drove Mr. B to the emergency room one night in late July. Scary times ensued. Two and a half weeks in the hospital, eight days in ICU, nine days without eating, four procedures and sleepless nights for Mr. B and which ever of us was on that shift. All the hospital personnel in both Windham and Hartford were wonderful.

The whole family was exhausted as well as was Mr. B by the time he came home. Many adjustments followed with medicine lists, a walker, visiting nurses, a physical therapist and various appointments. I am proud to say Mr. B is feeling better and gaining in strength. Thank goodness for our wonderful children and their mates who rallied around and shared hospital shifts. I am blessed with friends who gave love, support and a shoulder to cry on.

It is a pleasure to be working on my photos again as I share a quiet evening at home with Mr. B. Blissfull! Our two granddaughters were here for a visit. Even though they are toddlers, they have been taught to take their shoes off when they enter the house. That explains this photo.