Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some of my Favorite Things

I'm not an early morning person, but if I can sleep as late as I need to, then I'm fine with mornings.I love my bed! We put a memory foam topper from Bed, Bath and Beyond on our mattress and it is sooooooo nice! I love my bedside table! My oak table is an antique (bought at auction in Maine) and I think it might have been a school desk. It has a small, shallow drawer with a pencil tray inside. On the right it has a writing surface that can be pulled out. There is room on top for all the necessities - photo of children, lamp, tissues, place for a drink, a plant, decorative items, a folder and pen for jotting down ideas, my latest craft project and plenty of room for a book. In fact sometimes there is a stack of books. I always read in bed before I go to sleep. Underneath are a basket and a tub full of folders and magazines. There is a lovely view out my window of the creek across the street. When the leaves are off I can see the lake with the morning sun sparkling on the water.

I love my ancient, soft, oft' washed sheets! They feel like your favorite, soft, worn out jeans! My comforter and shams are in my favorite warm colors. I like to mix patterns.
And what is morning without a cup of fresh-brewed, aromatic coffee? I love my morning coffee! And I love my husband who makes it for me every morning! Melita Classic decaf is my favorite. I don't drink it for the caffeine, I love the taste of coffee. No flavored coffees for me in the morning - just plain and strong! Of course I have a favorite mug. I love my kitty mug! It has a nice curved lip and a picture of three yellow tabbies. Appropriate for me since I have three yellow tabbies - Big Guy, Paws and Cindy.

What are some of your favorite things?


Jess said...

My husband who makes me hot chocolate!

Struggler said...

I have a favorite spoon I like to eat my breakfast cereal with. I'd be devastated to lose it!
I like the basket of magazines beside your bed; I may have to adopt that plan.


Sleeping and coffee - two of my favorite things too!

TammyLee said...

I too enjoy sleeping. Coffee occasionally. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things.

Linda said...

I'm absolutly crazy about my french press coffee pot. Linda

Beyond the Nest said...

I like coffee first thing every morning. If it's decaf, I rarely wake entirely, if it's half-caff, I wake up partially and if it's full caff, then I can go the rest of the day! Saw a sign somewhere that sums me up--"without caffeine, I have no personality." Yup, that's me! Karen