Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabric Collage

I used to do a lot of weaving. At the moment my craft room is not large enough to house my loom and all the yarn. What I always enjoyed about weaving was how much texture I could put into a piece of fabric. So I am doing these small collages and putting together many textures.
You might recognize this picture as the top of my bedside table from the last post.

Here you can identify some of the materials I used. There is lace, both black and white; three colors of ribbon; three fabrics; one golding netting fabric, and the solid brown is a piece of panty hose. Keep your mind open for unusual sources.

In this close up you can see two colors of unspun wool; some gold beads; and a star button. I save little scraps of things because it only takes a tiny amount. I even save little tufts of my kitties' hair. In one collage I used some rabbit fur. These are fun to make because there are no rules and no fear of making a mistake. You can make anything work!

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