Friday, June 5, 2009

It was a wet dark day .....

I woke with a cool breeze moving across my face. From the open window came the sound of a steady rain. It was a dark morning and I could snuggle in, no place I had to be - but there were hungry birds and cats to be fed.

Would there be any birds out and about in this heavy rain? It was dark under the trees and everything was soaked. The moment the feeders were hung (they have to be taken in at night because of a persistent raccoon) the wet birds arrived. A thoroughly soaked female cardinal was the first customer for breakfast. She tried to shake off the rain as she ate. Her mate sat in the bushes, politely waiting for her to finish before he ate. Then the woodpeckers arrived in force - the red bellied male, the downy couple and the male and female hairy woodpeckers. They were wet, hungry birds and they cleaned out the feeders by the end of the day.

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