Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Save $ Money on Entertainment!

Have you been to your library lately? Yes, your local library! As well as books and computers, libraries have a nice selection of VHS tapes, music CDs, books on CD and movies on DVDs. We recently checked out 4 DVDs of the “Campion” Series from the BBC. Another movie from the library we enjoyed was “Bread and Tulips,” an award-winning comedy about a woman who realizes there is a lot in life she is missing.

And then there are the books - thousands of volumes. You can find nearly any subject you want from science to genealogy. And in fiction, everything from mysteries to romance. And don’t overlook the new-book-section for both fiction and non-fiction.

I have always been a library user and taught my children to be. But we still bought lots of books and movies. Now the bookshelves are full and with retirement there is less money to spend. So we go to the library every week.

Our library has “Fine-free-Friday,” so if I slip up and don’t get a book back in time, I return it on Friday. How cool is that? My hubby and I go to our Orange County Library every Friday and we each get a bag of books plus a couple of movies. That is hours of entertainment - all free. We have movie night, complete with popcorn. Can’t beat the price!

If your county has more than one library, they will swap books within the system. So if the library you go to doesn’t have the book you want, they will check the computer and if it is in their system, they will get it from another branch. If you have a state college nearby, you can also use their library.

Using the library gives hours of entertainment at no cost, other than a one-time small charge for a card. Another benefit is, if your bookshelves are already full, you aren’t adding to the overcrowding since you return the books to the library. Having said that, I sometimes check out a book I decide I want to own. The kind of book I will read over and over again - usually a reference book - maybe about gardening or crafts. Then I go to where I often find my book of choice used. I have bought used many times and have always been pleased.

So, if the entertainment budget is a bit tight, I’ll see you at the library!


C. Stuart said...

Our library even has free entertainment, music, snacks, brown-bag book clubs, reading clubs for children, art displays and fantastic sales!

Check your local library bulletin board and flier section for great volunteer opportunities. Many libraries have fantastic websites and you can renew your books and even read books online avoid those late fines.

Struggler said...

I adore the library - my problem when there is which books to leave behind, not which to take home.
I was very excited when there was space set aside in ours for a cafe, but sadly that has not yet happened. I think I would pretty much move in, if tea and cookies were available!

Nancy S. Hoffmann said...

A cafe in a library was new to me until I saw one in the library at the University of Virginia. All good things together!

Jess said...

You often find great deals at university libraries when they clean out their shelves and have sales. I just bought a very pretty, unique book from the early 20th century and a biography of J.M. Barrie from the university sale.