Friday, January 6, 2012

"Nature Unscripted" - Solo Exhibit

"Nature Unscripted"
by Nancy Hoffmann
Windham Hospital Gallery
Willimantic, CT
January 7-29, 2012
Opening Reception  Saturday, January 7, 4 pm

An eclectic mix of photographs highlighting the beauty of nature
we sometimes fail to take time to notice. Also included will be fabric sculptures.

Since I agreed to have a solo photography exhibit I have thought of little else. Had I realized how much work was required I would have said no. But all along I knew I would be glad I had done it. January is not the best time of year for such an undertaking unless you are an incredibly organized person.

To make matters more complicated, my son-in-law and I painted some of the kitchen cabinets the first part of December. That involved stripping and sanding and three coats of paint. The kitchen was a mess for a week. Utensils were in boxes in the dining room/studio next to my boxes of framed photos.

I did get all 33 photos framed before I devoted a few days to cleaning the house before the Camera Club Christmas Party was held here on December 13.

Then the family started to arrive and there were numerous trips to Providence and Hartford airports, both a little over an hour away. There was no time to even think about the show until the last guest went home on New Years day.

Suddenly I had to print business cards, name each photo and prepare a list with prices and print info cards for the photos. A Bio had to be printed and mounted on foamcore board as well as a title of show piece. And the bio had to be written! I asked my daughter to do that as I was stumped as to what to write about myself. Boy, did she do a great job. When I read about myself I thought, "Wow, I would love to meet this talented woman." She made me sound wonderful!

 Framing in Progress

Framed photos ready to go

Use what you have, even a laundry basket

Partial view of the Gallery. I have to thank Mr. B for naming most of the photos. 
He has a real knack for it. And he named the show -- "Nature Unscripted."

My Bio mounted. The basket holds business cards. This is first time I ever cut foam
core board. It was not as difficult as I had feared. The secret is a very sharp blade to
get clean cuts. Spray adhesive ( great stuff) was used for mounting. I taped wire
on the back for hanging.


Tomorrow I go and hang my fabric art. I have sent emails through all the organization
I belong to and there are newspaper notices as well. The hospital is providing refreshments
for the opening on Saturday, January 7 at 4 pm. I think I should do some baking to supplement.

Can I call myself an artist now?


Pondside said...

Wow and double WOW! Good luck with your opening - and please post about the exhibit!

Janet said...

Congratulations Nancy! I am sure that you are that talented woman that your daughter wrote about:)


TexWisGirl said...

that is fantastic! how exciting! and nerve-wracking! :)

Loretta said...

Congratulations...awesome! This is sooo exciting, I can feel the charge here! You must be extremely overjoyed! Here's wishing you all the best! Hugs, Loretta

Linda said...

Yes, you are definetely an artist. I wish I could do my own framing. That is a skill worth having. I'm so happy for you.

Sheila said...

You've always been an artist - that's evident in the beauty of your photographs. It's wonderful that you have this opportunity to showcase your work. Congratulations!

Deanna said...

Yes, you can call yourself an artist now. Congratulations! Here's to a successful show!

Hope you can rest soon.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely an artist... and don't ever question that fact. :-)) Congratulations on your show!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Congratulations! Yes, you are an artist. Even without the recognition you would still be an artist.