Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rainy Days

It has rained for Days! We had tropical storm Nichole, one day of sunshine and back to more rain. But the sky was pretty bright today and when I went out with my umbrella to the compost heap, I noticed things I just had to photograph. Here are photos shot under an umbrella.

Isn't this leaf a standout just lying there amongst the pine needles?

You can see that we have puddles, but look how bright the leaves are in the right of the picture.

I love the pattern the water made in the pine needles as it ran down the slope of the driveway.

Unpacking boxes and sorting things has occupied me for weeks. I did take a break to create a flower bed and do some planting. I love the color of these mums and they blend with the brick of the house. I'm hoping they survive the winter and come back and bloom like this next fall.

Great strides have been made with the sorting and decision making. We gave to Goodwill what was left after our Tag Sale and the day at the flea market. But we kept the furniture. Now we have to sell that furniture plus a few other pieces. After talking with some consignment shops, we have decided to try Craig's List. I do hear stories about bad things that happen. We will deal only in cash and people can come and look only when everyone is home. Are there any other precautions I should take?


Alea said...

You did an amazing job capturing the fall colors!

Your mums are lovely! Just rake extra leaves around the base of your mums to provide insulation before it begins snowing and they should do fine. You can pinch the dead flowers, but don't cut the stems back on the plants until new shoots begin to come up next spring.

eileeninmd said...

I'm glad you got out with your camera. Your photos are wonderful. I love your mums. I see Alea has given you tips on getting your mums thru the winter. Good luck with your furniture sale.

Janet said...

Aren't the pine needles just the worst? Who ever knew that pine trees are constantly shedding something? Sap, pollen, those little sticky things, needles and then cones...thousands of them!!

Pondside said...

I think you'll do fine with Craig's list -just make sure that you're not alone at home when buyers come over, and as you said, deal only in cash. Good luck!