Thursday, October 7, 2010

Basket Collection

I'm sitting on the loveseat looking into the treetops. The tree trunks are dark from the rain and there is color in the leaves. We have been promised clearing skies today so I am hopeful after many gray days. I'm thinking I should ask for one of those special lights for SADD for my birthday. In Virginia there were many sunny days in the winter but that might not be the case here in Connecticut. I know I get depressed when deprived of sunshine whether the cause is rain or short days. I learned that when I lived in Maine for eighteen years. Plus I was always cold! Grumpy is what I was! Don't want to repeat that or the inhabitants here might expel me from the house! No, on second thought, they wouldn't kick out the cook, would they?

Those of you who have been following Porch Days know I have been trying to thin out my possessions. The word here being "trying." Finally I got to the boxes marked "Baskets." Here below are most of them. Nice collection don't you think? The large ones you can see further down. I was a good girl and culled between a third and a fourth of this bunch.

But I use my baskets, I really do! This basket full of books is waiting to head to the studio.

The next two large baskets are old ones bought at auction in Maine. The top one I placed temporarily and threw a pillow in it. Soon it was the cats' favorite place. The bottom one is an old laundry basket with a mouse hole in one corner. It has character. Now it is full of books but sometimes it holds yarn or cloth.

Today Sylvie chose the cloth bed instead of the basket. I do love to see a cat curled up in that basket!

We're switching from DSL to cable internet tonight. I'll have to change my Porch Days email address yet again. Hopefully there will be no interruption.

Have a sunny day, friends!


Carol at Serendipity said...

Good to see you are getting settled. I culled so much stuff when I moved to Florida. Now I find that I want to buy it back!


Pear tree cottage! said...

What a lovely blog you have and your post on baskets was in Australia as we look towards Spring, I am packing away my baskets and bringing out the colours of the season...........hugs from a small town in Australia. Lee-Ann

Pondside said...

Good luck with your change-over!...and good luck with the continued culling.

Linda said...

I love baskets. I have quite a few. I use them for all kinds of things. I've piled the ones I'm not using out in the garage. I like the natural feel they give to a space. Linda

Deanna said...

Baskets are so homey. I make use of them all around my house.