Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Photo Opp!

We were enjoying a perfect day of exploring and savoring the fall weather and colors. The road was following the Connecticut River. We saw a pond that drained into the river and we crossed the bridge with the pond on one side and the river on the other. And there they were - five swans. Three were the gray youngsters and these parents. Mr. B stopped on the bridge and I quickly took a few shots as the traffic pulled around us. Perfect!!!

I'm joining Claudia at Finding Beauty Fridays. I'm sorry she is discontinuing this. Unpacking and settling in has consumed me and I'm sorry for not participating more often.


Carol at Serendipity said...

Beautiful shot of the swans. I see so many wonderful potential pictures bu there is no place to stop and get the shot.

The traffic has slowed down but I am afraid the nor'easter we are having today will affect the foliage. Thanks for stopping by.


Miss Char said...

Aren't they just regal looking? I live in a small town with a river that runs through it and a dam right in the center of town. We have swans that live above the dam and I often sit on a Sunday morning after church down at the dam just to watch the swans.

Thank you so much for this reminder of how wonderful the simplest things in life can be.

Terra said...

What a lovely photo of swans.

Claudie said...

Handsome swans, but your son Kevin is, well, more handsome. I wish him well in his endeavours.
I'm also very sorry that Claudia is not going to be doing this meme anymore. I'm trying to convince her not to end it : (
Happy FFB
Love Claudie

Jackie said...

I love swans, they are so gracefully. We have a family of them on the canal just up the road.Great photograph, did you manage to get the swans with the cygnets too?

Have a great weekend, Jackie in Surrey UK.

Lavender Cottage said...

Thanks for visiting me. I'm glad I came over to see your elegant and beautiful swans.

pam said...

Aren't they so gorgeous??? My mother in law lives on a small lake and there always seems to be one swan in the midst of all the ducks and geese.

Pondside said...

They're beautiful.
I like to go down to the lagoon to see the swans on a sunny summer day. If we're lucky we'll see a pair sail through the air too.

sheila from life @ #17 said...

you take very good photo :) and I love swans on a lake...I remember growin' up we'd pass through Forsyth and there were a pair of black swans that swam the lake of a Very Nice Mansion :) ...and in Prague, swans are on the river like ducks are on our lakes here! thanks for the offer of the book title...I do have one HUGE photoshop book...let's just say I haven't exactly been a devoted student :)

Linda said...

Great photo. The colors are beautiful. Linda