Saturday, August 7, 2010

White Creepy Things

Yes, those little white fizzy things are still on the tree limb. After posting pictures of them a few days ago I had a response from Rebecca of In the Garden telling me they are Longtailed Mealy Bugs. I think she is right and what I am seeing is the nymphs. They have changed since I first saw them. They suck the juices from plants and are great pests in a greenhouse. Outdoors they mostly live on fruit trees.

Since I don't have a greenhouse or any fruit trees, I guess I will just leave them alone.

Rebecca, thanks for the answer. How did you know?


Pondside said...

Great photo with enormous 'ick' factor! Up close it looks like the tree limb is wearing a sweater.

Dar said...

I hate to tell you my friend, but these fuzzy lil fellas will destroy anything in it's path given enough time and chance. Beware!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Thanks for the linkback!! I'm just a google fiend and love a good mystery. :O)

I will still think of them as 'creepy white things'