Thursday, August 26, 2010


No, I haven't given up blogging. Just trying to get settled in after our move. Some of the boxes I am unpacking I haven't seen for fourteen years! How can I own so many books and dishes? And craft supplies??

When we dash out to to the store it is wonderful to have things so close at hand! Today I spent thirty dollars on cleaners for - wood, stainless steel, brass & copper, the stainless steel sink and an all purpose cleaner. Lots of scrubbing going on in the kitchen that involves a toothpick for the detail work.

We are having issues with our DSL. At times four of us are using our computers and I keep getting kicked off the internet. Patience is required. I heard Mr. B talking to his computer, "What do you mean you can't find" The son-in-law has nearly a full time job here at home with all our technical requirements. The DVD player is not hooked up yet. The sling box is not working to sling the New England sports to the son in Baltimore. And tonight he set up my new email address with AT&T for Porch Days and my Google Account.

The following pictures are just a teaser for what I will blog about in the coming days. Don't you love the big frog? He is one of several on the Frog Bridge. Yes, he is sitting on a spool of thread. Willimantic, CT is know as "Thread City."


Janet said...

Nice we just wait the real posts;) What the heck is a "sling box"? Patriots game tonight and the sun is finally starting to show itself...yippee and I think it is more like an hour and a half, but we will set up a meet in the fall!


Linda said...

Looks interesting. Linda

eileeninmd said...

Nice teaser. I love the frog. I have to ask what is a sling box? And I hope someone resolves your DSL issues. Can't wait to see more from your new place.

Linda said...

RYC-I know what you mean. It's hard work moving and unpacking. Take care of yourself. Have a sit down and put your feet up. Linda

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

The frog is AMAZING!! And who doesn't love putting a hat on a cat (well, other than perhaps the cat)? :)