Thursday, August 5, 2010

San Diego and the Ocean

On our trip to San Diego last summer we went to Coronado Island. We didn't stay at the Hotel Coronado but we did enjoy seeing it. The grounds were beautiful and it is directly on the ocean.

The hotel is enormous.

Here is the view of the hotel from the beach. No, that is not me in the bikini.

There were lots of people under colorful umbrellas enjoying the beach .

The ocean looked inviting but it was ice cold!

This is me taking pictures of seaweed.

Isn't the pattern of the seaweed interesting? And the sand was sparkly.

This pelican was wondering around among the people.

Even when he walked near people they ignored him.

I grew up in south Georgia and often went to the ocean at St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. When I married we went to live in Maine and for the first time I saw the ocean frozen. I love the Maine coast and all the rocks which is so different from the flat, sandy Georgia coast. Then we lived for a year in San Juan, Puerto Rico where the ocean was the most beautiful color. I swam in it every afternoon when it became calm. It was so warm! The trip to San Diego was my first view of the Pacific Ocean.


Pondside said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I still miss the Atlantic from time to time, but the Pacific has really captured my heart.

Jackie said...

Wow!! that looks a great place for a holiday. I love the pelicans just roaming free!Jackie in UK.!

Dar said...

I've lived on the Atlantic for a time but never have seen the Pacific. What a thrill for you. The sand looks wonderful.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post! We honeymooned in San Diego and visited Coronado Island, so beautiful! Also, I came back to tell you that I may have identified your fuzzy tree things - have a look at Longtailed Mealy Bugs and let me know what you thinkg. :)

Alea said...

We often stay on coronado when we visit San Diego, but we usually stay at the Navy Lodge. It's a little more in our price range. :) It is a gorgeous place to visit, where ever you stay!

Janet said...

I had the good fortune to stay at the Del for 6 lovely nights a few years ago. My husband was there on business and I took advantage. It is indeed a lovely place and they have the best bath products that smell divinely of the ocean ( or at least to me). Hoping to go back someday!