Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Woods

I am joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. I have made two mosaics in the past, but I have to admit, I forgot how I did it!!! So I am learning again. Had trouble with the Picasa instructions on creating a collage. Oh, I wish I had a friend to call on for this kind of thing! So started in Google and found Smilebox.com. I'm using the free basic version. This is my first attempt. There is much more to learn. But - here it is!

What do y'all use? How do you get your photos so large, clear and bright? This photo is 150 dpi. Is that enough?


Cottage Cozy said...

Oh goodness...can I relate when you say that you have done it before (the mosaic that is) but have forgotten how! I did the same thing. I guess it is just a matter of repetition!

Thanks for the visit! I put you on my list of blogs to follow...hope you will be back again to visit too!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Loui said...

I use Picasa..both for my photo storage and editing..love the site!! My collages are made there.. there are various options for arrangement of photos in the collage..as well as backgrounds. In my Monday Mosaic, I opted to use one of my photos as the background instead of a solid color.
Picasa truly is a user friendly site..just play with it until your collage/Mosaic is just the way you want it!
If i may be of further help, just email me and I'll assist as much a possible.
warm hugs..

Piecefulafternoon said...

I think the thing that got me was forgetting to save the photos as I picked each one in picasa. Click the little green button to the right of the photo tray in the bottom left hand corner and it will save each photo - then just click "collage" and it takes you right there. Fiddle a bit with the settings, random, orderly or whatever you want - you can't really mess it up - just start it over - and have fun. Love the mosaics you did for today.

Patriotic Mom said...

This is so cute! I love the squirrel! Thanks for visiting my blog. There are many blogs that help teach about cameras.


I learned a lot from Karen's post. She is taking a class. Enjoy your camera!

Meri said...

This is so charming - the squirrel is adorable. In answer to a question you asked me, the barn owl is in captivity and has a perch where I found him/her. So getting photos was easy. And I hand do my collages in Digital Image Pro (an old Microsoft program) or Printshop, then save them as jpgs so I can put them on my site. Once you have a basic template built, it's pretty easy.

joanie said...

Hi, Nancy. I am impressed with your collage. And I had never heard of picasa until I read some of the comments above. Aren't blogs great--we learn new things that we might never encounter in our day-to-day routines.


knoxville cars said...

That squirrel is absolutely adorable.

Dishesdone said...

Love your mosaic!

Anja said...

This one is so lovely. Have been last year first time for a longer stay in Florida and saw there the squirrels at the state parks where we lived in our camping car. This is for me a very nice memory.