Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo Collage - learning

Well, I don't give up easily but I do get frustrated! I have spent hours trying to create a collage in Picasa. The photo tray, the collage button - couldn't find any of it. Finally decided to reload Picasa (version 3.6) and suddenly - there it all was.

It did scare me that it uploaded all my photos in iPhoto to Picasa. Should I be worried about this? I read that if you delete a folder in Picasa it deletes it from your computer. On the other hand, I had been worried that my photos were not backed up and this can serve as a back up. Any opinions? It feels a little like losing control.

I kept the resolution for the collage photos at 180, yet Picasa made the finished product 96 dpi. The collage does not look as clear as my regular photos which are 100 dpi. Does anyone know why? When you click on it to enlarge, then it looks clear.

Thank you all for your suggestions in the comments. I appreciate the help!!


Regina said...

It looks alright!
I'm using Picasa too.
I backup my photos at Flicker or Ipernity.
Thanks for visiting.

Dishesdone said...

Looks great! but I know what you mean about not looking clear when it's small. I don't know why, it happens with mine as well, and I use to make mosaics.

Thanks for the visit :)

Cottage Cozy said...

Good job, girl! No worries about the blurriness...the more you work with it the easier it gets and the more knowledgeable you become!

Keep it up!


Jo Reimer said...

I hadn't heard that about deleting your photo on Picasa deletes it from your files, too. Somehow I don't think that's true, but you could try it with a copy of a photo.
I really like your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine so I could find you.

Jo Reimer said...

And thank you for visiting One A Day. I'll rethink using Picasa for just that reason. It's quite sly of them (to say the least) to encourage you to upload your photos to their site and then to have access to your computer in such a way that your deleting your own photos from Picasa causes them also be deleted from your private computer. I'll continue using Flickr and my own external hard drive. Thanks for the information.
Jo, from

Betsy said...

I had it a very brief time and then stopped, when I deleted a photo, it came off of my blog also.

Marcie Lenick said...

I use Storybook Creator Plus (has won several awards) and you can do tons of things besides mosiacs. they also have an awesome organizing and editing program Memory manager.Both are VERY easy to learn and use. You can check out demos and tutorials at
You can download them right from there too (and they're cheap!)