Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wildlife abounds!

This Mama deer brings her triplets into our yard to eat our azaleas. I don't think we will have many blooms this spring but it is more important that this family have enough to eat. We were so worried when hunting season started and we saw the triplets by themselves. But during our big snowstorm there they all were in our yard! What a lovely Christmas present! I took this shot today as they were headed toward the lake.


Linda said...

That is a beautiful photo. I use to live in a place where we got deer roaming though the garden. We would get so excited when we saw them. They are so beautiful. Linda

Piecefulafternoon said...

That is a great photo - so glad the family is together. We had five deer in the yard today - no snow here, but it is great to see the deer stopping by.

Troy said...

I love deer! We live right up against a wildlife refuge, and the winter that I spent in a hospital bed in our dining room, I could look out the window and watch the deer from my bed. It kind of reminded me that although life was rough, there was still beauty right in front of me, if I only took the time to look.