Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turkeys everywhere!

We did buy corn for the turkeys and they are here at least twice a day to eat. Now in the mornings we hear the males gobbling. They are displaying and strutting for the females.

Here is a closeup. I can't find out anything about that cone on the front of the head. I've been doing some research online. Check out this site for more information and to hear a turkey gobble.

This guy decided to go across the street to eat at the neighbors so I only have the back view!


Pondside said...

They are quite pre-historic looking!

Sheila said...

It must be strange to see turkeys wandering across the yard. Our "resident" owl is back visiting us. Your coat sounds wonderful. I've never heard of such a concept but it makes sense. Is it a particular brand name.

Deanna said...

What an ungrateful big guy! What an interesting looking bird. Wow. We get the occasional turkeys wandering through the orchard but nothing like that. So cool.

Linda said...

These are incredible photos. They are so big. What fun. Linda