Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keeping Warm

Sheila of Starshine Through My Windows asked about what I call my Polar Coat. So here is a picture. Mr. B gave it to me for Christmas. I'll give you a hint and tell you the sizes run small. But isn't that the excuse we always give? So, slim as I am(Ha!), I had to exchange my large for an extra large.

It has metallic cloth to reflect my body heat back to me. It is made by Columbia Sportswear. The tag says "Thermal Comfort, OMNI - HEAT." There are lots of pockets and zippers under the sleeve and a detachable hood. It keeps me warmer than any coat I ever had, even my fur coats. Shelia lives in Alberta, Canada and deals with temps way below zero. Maybe she can recommend a type of glove that would actually keep my fingers warm.

How about these?
This online site called "Heated Gloves" has gloves at reasonable prices. The ones pictured above are sale priced at $19.95. On some sites they are $100 and above. And why shouldn't I keep my feet warm at the same time? These insoles don't even need batteries and can be used time and again. Just put in boiling water to reactivate. Price is $39.95.

I helped out a sick friend this week and minded a furniture consignment shop for a day. It is in a charming old building but the heat came out near the ceiling and never got near the floor. My legs were numb from the knees down!! I was wearing regular shoes and socks as I had not been warned. These heated insoles would have made my day a lot more comfortable! They should be great for snowshoeing, too. Something I would love to try. I'm getting lots of ideas for next year's Christmas list!


Sheila said...

Hi Nancy - thanks so much for such a detailed answer. now I'll have to go in search of such a jacket. I wonder if there will be any on sale? The best thing to keep your hands warm are sheepskin mitts. I once owned a real sheepskin pair but now have reasonable facsimiles. They're bulky though so I usually take along another pair of mittens. Here in Canada many of us are still wearing the red 2010 Olympic mittens and they are pretty warm. Those insoles look terrific - I've never heard of them but will keep an eye out for them. Sure hope that you've warmed up by now! Keep warm and thanks again Nancy

Linda said...

When I first moved to the WA from CA it felt very cold to me and I started wearing long underware. It really helped to keep my legs warm. I walked to the mail box yesterday and was wishing I still had them. The coat, gloves and insoles all sound like great ideas. I don't need them here, but you sure do. We've had a couple of really cold days, but it will be back to normal tomorrow I think. Linda

Beth said...

Hi Nancy, I haven't yet found a glove to keep my hands warm, but I have some mittens that work. I bought them through Lands' End a few years ago. Lands' End has wonderful outerware including gortex-type rainwear. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my New Zealand post. Your son is very, very handsome. Hope his career works out well in Hollywood!
Blessings, Beth

Pondside said...

Hi Nancy - I've had lots of experience living in the north too - northern Alberta is pretty cold! I'd always choose mitts over gloves - 100% warmer!

LindyLouMac said...

Thankyou so much for your recent comment on News From Italy it was much appreciated. It is lovely to meet someone else who is embarking on a life adventure. I hope you will call by again to share in our adventure, I certainly look forward to sharing yours and am now a follower:)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I need those insoles, thank you for posting!! Clarice