Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunny Skies Overhead - Ice Underfoot

It's a hard winter for everyone. Many roofs have collapsed, mostly businesses and large buildings. Today some local schools were closed while the National Guard shoveled the roofs. They were asking for people to loan shovels. We're getting more snow and rain tomorrow.

This morning my daughter woke us up calling, "Come look out the front window!" There was a turkey eating sunflower seeds that had spilled from the bird feeder only a few feet from our front porch. We went to the farm store to get whole corn but they were out so we'll try again tomorrow. We plan to throw the corn off the back porch and it should slide on the ice down to the back of the yard. The turkey was walking on top of the snow and the ice crust was supporting him so the flock should be able to walk in the back yard. Hopefully the flock we saw this summer has survived.

This is the second day the ice has stayed on the trees even though the sun was shinning. Walking anywhere is treacherous. Mr. B and I went downtown to Main Street for lunch but had to give it up when we couldn't cross the big slushy puddles and get up the steep ice bank on the other side. A nice young man offered to help us, assuring us that since he is a volunteer fireman he is very capable. We believed him but decided it was safer to give up and go elsewhere. Now I understand why people go to the mall just to walk.


Pondside said...

This has to be the hardest winter for quite some time. While we are not getting bad weather at all, I stay in touch with my sister back east and regularly hear the nightmare stories of snow, ice and stranded cars.
Stay warm and dry and enjoy the view from your porch!

Linda said...

I don't watch the news, but I'm sure there has been reports from everywhere. It's beautiful but not much fun to walk in. Poor turkeys, hope they find your corn. Are you an artist, what kinds of art do you do? Linda

Linda said...

I always thought weaving would be fun, but my back couldn't take it now. How nice to have a studio. Linda

Sheila said...

Winter seems to be getting to us all no matter where we live - our 10 mile trip to get the mail today was sunny and bright but just too cold. It would be wonderful to have a mall to visit in this cold weather. Keep warm!