Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preparation for Planting

Welcome to my first post! I want to share with you my interest of the moment which is gardening. And of course I love to take pictures of my garden!

My husband and I have recently closed our business, Sweetwater Country Home, (in Gordonsville and Luray, VA) where we sold classic county furniture and accessories. Now I have time for other things. After doing lots of work on our house (more on that later), I am turning my attention to the garden. When we moved from our log cabin in Pennsylvania, I left behind the dream garden I had created and the white picket fence I had always wanted. Now I am starting over and trying to create a cottage garden in one growing season! My yard is on a hillside and there are lots of tall trees. Only the center of the front yard gets much sun, so I have two large beds there.

This Virginia is soil is heavy, brick-red clay. It takes lots of digging to loosen the soil and to work in some organic matter. Hefting forty pound bags of cow manure/humus is more entertaining than going to the gym! But it has taken ten bags so far, and more will be needed. My sore muscles could use a rest!

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