Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lake View Cottage

I can't help myself. I remodel every house I live in! For some reason I love houses! In studying my family history I have found wonderful houses that my ancestors owned in Pennsylvania (1750) in South Carolina (1600's) and Georgia (1700 & 1800's) so maybe it is in my blood. But instead of the huge mansions of my ancestors, I live in a cottage by the lake. It was built as a summer house in the 1970's. We finished the daylight basement and turned it into a craft room, two bedrooms, bathroom and laundry. When we moved in there was no basement entry from inside the house so I had to go down the outside stairs to get to the washer, trailing laundry as I went.

This is the creek we see from our house. Ducks and geese like that spot and so do the fishermen. The water is beautifully clear in the creek.

Here is the view from our living room door. That is Paws wanting to come in. When the leaves are out, we only see a glimmer of the lake, but we can still see the creek! Spending time in the hammock is one of my favorite activities. My cat, Sylvie, likes to lie in the hammock with me and swing. And she likes to share salty snacks!

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