Friday, May 15, 2009

Help the birds build a home!

Everyone needs help with their "nest" now and then, so I decided to help the birds and give them some building materials. My cats were happy to be brushed and glad to donate their hair. (Actually, I didn't ask them.) The onion bag was a little difficult as it had a huge label glued front and back. After tearing it apart, I had to hand stitch the strips together to make a bag. Leaving the bag open-ended top and bottom, I threaded ribbon through to make a drawstring closure on both ends. I stuffed in the cat hair and hung the bag in the shrubbery. The birds took all the hair and I refilled it. Being disappointed at not seeing the birds take the hair, this time I put it on top of the feeder.

Do you suppose the young birds will be confused by growing up in a cat-hair-lined nest? Will they think all cats are friends?

1 comment:

Monie said...

Cat fur in bird nest may have the baby birds thing the cat is a walking bird's nest and they will try to perch on the cat.