Friday, May 22, 2009

Watchdog .... watching!

Don’t you just hate to hear a dog bark, and bark, and bark? My dog, Wendy, was a soft, sweet, lovely hound/lab mix, but thank goodness, she wasn’t a barker. When we lived in Pennsylvania, our neighbors, Joan and Chris, were adding a kitchen/bathroom to their house and were unable to use their shower. We told them to use ours and we would leave the door unlocked so they could come in early in the morning and go upstairs to the bathroom. When we saw them later that day we commented that we never heard them come in. They said, “Wendy is a great watch dog. She watched us come in and she watched us go out!”

So about barking dogs, I’d rather hear the birds sing - or maybe the mice, now that I know they sing.

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