Monday, June 23, 2014

Technology, more than I can handle . . . .

     I once titled a blog post, "Pulled through a knothole backwards." That is the way I felt after color calibrating my monitors using the Spyder 4 Elite. Don't you love directions that say, "Insert disk and follow instructions to install." It is never that simple! There were questions I didn't know how to answer - Is your monitor Wide Gamut or Normal Gamut? WHAT?? How do I know and how do I find out? I pestered my poor son-in-law to death. He was so patient but he was busy with his own project in the garage involving noisy tools.
     So I slogged through, started over a couple of times, and I Think I have calibrated my two monitors. Yes, Think I have. I suppose the test is to order something printed and see how it turns out. It is a gamble and I prefer a sure thing when I am spending money. I have been promising myself to print some of my art on canvas so I will be prepared for a future show. Now is the time.
      Thanks to my friend, Karen E., for giving me her "spare" Spyder! 

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Stephanie said...

Let us know how the prints come out. Now I am curious about this calibrating thingy.