Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Impressionist Vase of Flowers on Blue

More snow today. Six more inches on top of what is already out there. It was beautiful coming down and totally covered every limb and stick. After shoveling the front walk so the corn for the turkeys would not get buried in the snow, I decided to create another Nancy Olivia Designs original. This one is rather different for me. I suppose it good to not be in a rut!


A Quiet Corner said...

A warm picture after shoveling, Nancy...:)JP

Terra said...

Very pretty and would look good hanging anywhere.

Celi said...

Love the little sparkles, makes me think of fairies and then I sneeze (oak pollen season here) and think that is what is all over my car about now! Very pretty, have you put this one on your fine art site?