Monday, January 27, 2014

Art at Shattered Pallette Gallery in Putman, CT

The opening reception for the show "Winter" at the Shattered Pallette, 156 Main Street, Putnam, Ct had a large turn out in spite of the bitterly cold weather. It was a chance to visit with other artists and potential customers. Christinia and James did a wonderful job on finishing the interior of their recently opened gallery

Here you can see some of the guests. There are two rooms in addition to this main room.

I am standing in front of my five pieces in the show. The unframed one is printed on canvas.

Some of the other artists who work I viewed that night are Edward Santos, Aline Hoffmann, Christinia Hammon, Steve R. Veilleux, and Roy Cordova.


A Quiet Corner said...

Hope you did well, Nancy!...:)JP

Stephanie said...

Looking good on the wall framed and the canvas one too!