Monday, July 8, 2013

Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Web site

I have been a busy person this month and it is only July 8th! I have decided to put my art online under the name Nancy Olivia Designs. Here is what I have done -

1. Revamped and renamed my web site -

2. Set up an Etsy shop -

3. Created a business Facebook page -

4. Set up a business Pinterest page -

If anyone has any words of advice, I would love to hear from you! Does anyone have experience with Smugmug, Zenfolio or Fine Art America? I would like to know the quality of their printed art work and how it compares to the others.

Doing all this is rather scary. It means putting myself out there. It is also a stretch technologically to create these sites and learn how to do all that is required. Actually, it has not left me much time to create any new art work.

I have been back at my jewelry making and hope to add that to my offerings along with photographs and digitally created art. Please visit my sites and do all the "liking & favoriting" that will make me look good! Thanks in advance. And if you could repin any of my artwork on Pinterest I would greatly appreciate it!

  Here a recent photograph taken in the "Quiet Corner of Connecticut."

                                       Nancy Olivia Hoffmann - Nancy Olivia Designs


Stephanie said...

Congrats on the various sites. I signed up with Fine Arts America, just haven't put any works in.i plan to though soon. I need to do an Etsy and Pinterest site as well. I don't know the quality of the work yet at Fine Arts America yet. I love the image you posted.

Linda Fox said...

Hi, Good to hear from you I'm here I also just friended you on Google+ I post links there to my posts as I do them, also on Facebook.

Sheila said...

Hi Nancy. It seems that you have used your time this spring most creatively. Good luck with your new shop and I will look forward to following your progress. Have a great summer!