Monday, June 13, 2011

Raindrops on Flowers

After a sunny and hot spell, we have gone into a period of rain. The transition was marked by severe thunderstorms and devastating tornadoes an hour north of us. I find it difficult to garden in the hot, humid weather - one of the reasons we left Virginia. The rain has been good for all my fresh plantings. On the downside, the mosquitoes are thriving. It is cooler now and good gardening weather, but still rainy.

This lily is one of a group I started indoors in February. When it warmed up, I took the lilies outdoors everyday for a little sunshine. See my post "Sun Bath for Plants." It is nice to be rewarded for all that work with these lovely blooms.

Join Mary at Little Red House for more photo collages on Mosaic Monday.


Pondside said...

Beautiful colour of those lilies!
We're having high winds here, but no thunder, ever.

Richard Cottrell said...

Oh Hello there Ms. Porch Days! I am so glad you came by, My Old Historic House, for a visit. I am always so pleased to meet new people and I love to get and read comments. I am you're newest follower. I am so pleased you stopped by. We have having storms and down pours here, we can not seem to get a nice gentle rain. BUT, I am grateful for what we get. RC