Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tag Sale to Flea Market to Goodwill

After the tag sale in which there were lots of left overs, we decided to try the flea market. The largest flea market in Connecticut is only a few miles from our house. We left home at 6:30 am to sit in line to get into the drive-in where the flea market is held. You pay for a space and you can pay to rent a table. Six hours after the opening hour we packed up - only $30 ahead after the fees.

Goodwill here we come! This is a super nice Goodwill store and they have two lanes for unloading under a canopy. And they help you unload. I decided to take a quick look in the store. Geez, it looked like a regular department store! There were clothes from LL Bean and Coldwater Creek!

In housewares I found this lamp and didn't hesitate an instant. When I learned it was part of the 1/2 price sale I counted my money and realized I had the amount and even a penny extra! Mr. B ambled in at that point and asked if I needed any money but I told him I had it covered. A large, heavy brass lamp for $5!!!

It looks good here . . . . . .

And here.

For now I have left it in the entry. I like having a lamp there so I don't have to keep the chandelier on. I'm in the market for a planter for the plant here perched on the too tiny pot. Saw some nice things at HomeGoods.

Maybe a smaller version of this planter would work.


Pondside said...

What a beautiful lamp - and a great price.
Are you enjoying the settling-in?....other than the thinning out of possessions? I always enjoyed finding just the right place for well-loved items.
Too bad about the tag sale, though.

Deanna said...

That would be frustrating to spend a day at the flea market and only come away with $30.

That lamp is quite a bargain and looks good in the entryway. We have a great Goodwill Store here too.

Miss Char said...

Glad to hear you had some success at GW yesterday, too bad about the Senior Discount, hee hee. That lamp is beautiful. I only got one treasure on my trip there yesterday but I'm happy with it.

I tried to send you an email to thank you for your kind words that you left on my blog. Unfortunately the email wouldn't go through, not sure why but anyway....thank you very much I appreciate the encouragement.

Sheila said...

The lamp is beautiful as is the room that surrounds it. I'm enjoying reading about how you are making your new place your own loved home. I really enjoy doing that and though I haven't moved recently, I've been busy rearranging to try to create new looks and corners within our home. Thanks for your comment on my quilts. I quilt in the quiet mornings and quiet afternoons through the long months of winter on our farm.

Anonymous said...

Wowza! What a beautiful lamp at a can't resist price. I wish our Mediocre will was a Good Will like yours!


sheila from life @ #17 said...

Great Buy...I do love a beautiful brass fact, I have a nice one right beside me that I picked up @ a community yard sale for a couple of bucks...

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi there, I found you at Char's, "Grace and Favor" blog. I too am a thrifter and love Goodwill and similiar places. Here I am suppose to be downsizing and I have taken a turn the other direction! Don't spend much but have found some great dishes and other home decor items.

Love your lamp and what a great price!