Monday, September 6, 2010

Lebanon, Connecticut

Mr. B and I love to explore. He has an excellent sense of direction and I'm a whiz at reading a map, so we just get in the car and go. It is exciting to have new territory to discover.

Only a few miles from us is the lovely, small rural town of Lebanon . There are a number of farms in town. Lebanon is know for its role in the Revolution. Its governor, Jonathan Trumbull, was the only British colonial governor to side with the American patriots. The Council of Safety, which managed the affairs of the Continental Army, met over 1,100 times. Most of the meetings were in Gov. Trumbull's home on the town green.

Lebanon has one of the largest town greens in the nation and it is still used for agricultural purposes as were all town greens originally. The day we were there hay was being raked on the green. There are several museums surrounding the green, including Gov. Trumbull's house. The walking path around the green is well used.

Top left photo is the Congregational Church
Top right is the path around the green
Bottom left must be for joggers going to the path
Bottom right is a stable (yes, a stable!) facing the green

Governor Jonathan Trumbull's House

We plan to go back and visit some of the museums.

Lebanon is going green and recently installed a wind turbine on a tower between two of its schools. It is also buying 40 % of its electric power which is produced by renewable energy sources.


Pondside said...

You must be feeling pretty settled if you're exploring - pretty town!

Anonymous said...

I know the town well. Grew up and lived in Groton for 37 years! Most of my family still lives in Connecticut. Enjoyed taking a trip back with your pictures. :0)

Sheila said...

Hello I wanted to know I am officially following your blog. I hope all goes well. We moved fairly often and I loved arranging the furniture in new spaces but I loved my old things.

Alea said...

I loved exploring all of the historical site on the east coast! How fun to have a new place to explore!