Monday, June 14, 2010

Pure Color!

I had lots of fun this spring taking pictures of flowers. These coral azaleas were among my favorites. What a gorgeous color! I just couldn't get enough of them!

Join Little Red House for this week's Mosaic Monday and enjoy all the beautiful pictures.


Jackie said...

Hello Nancy

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the comments you left. I am so pleased to know what the tree was, a tulip tree. Thank you for adding me to your blog list and becoming a follower. I hope we get to know each other through the world of blogging!!

Love the colours of your azalea mosaic, so rich and vibrant, thank you for sharing.

Jackie in UK.

Joyce said...

Now that mosaic really packs a vibrant color! Lovely.

Pondside said...

Hello Joyce - thank you for the visit! I've had a lovely look around your blog and have decided that I don't want to miss a post, so I've become a follower. Having lived with mosquitoes and now living in a mosquito-free area I have few suggestions other than 'endure'.
Lovely mosaic - the colour.........!

Carol at Serendipity said...

My friend Jackie in the UK gave me your site. Lovely blog. I have decided to follow. I hope you will stop by and see me in my little cottage in the woods.


Glenda... said...

That's a pretty mosaic if there ever was one...that color just pops.

Americana Lady said...

I wish their blooms lasted longer...very pretty color!
Keepin' my flag-a-wavin'...Joan

Melody said...

Beautiful mosaic! I live the close ups of the flowers. Great idea.

The Recycled Dove said...

Love you mosaic. The coral color is wonderful.
I am a follower of Pondside and found you.
Now I will follow you.
If you have a chance stop by and visit The Recycled Dove