Friday, April 16, 2010

Valentine Rose

This lovely miniature rose bush was our gift to each other on Valentines Day. Mr. B and I found it at Lowes on the half price rack and "splurged." And who says romance is gone after forty-four years of marriage? Ha! It brought some much needed color to our sunny window sill in the midst of a very snowy winter in Virginia.

It bloomed and thrived, but all too soon the blooms were finished.

It continued to live on that windowsill until warm weather.

Now, minus its red paper wrapper, it is basking in the heat and sunshine on the back deck. It has put on new growth and seems very happy. I'm hoping it will bloom again.

Has anyone had luck with getting a rose like this to live and continue to bloom? Any chance it will be blooming next Valentines day?

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