Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Foliage in Connecticut

We hadn't returned to New England during the fall since we left Maine twenty-one years ago. So we were eager to experience a New England fall. What an experience it is! We toured the North East Corner of Connecticut. So many apple orchard/farm stands. In one mile there were three!!
This lovely tree was in a rest area off I-81 in Pennsylvania. Notice the red barn in the background. It was a cloudy, misty day.

These apples were at Rogers Orchard in Southington, CT. Their cider donuts were to die for! We had cider and donuts and took home the best apple pie I ever ate! We also bought a bag of "Honey Crisp" apples -my new favorite variety. They were crisp, juicy and sweet! What a treat with a tub of caramel dip. Yummy!

I also bought some shell beans. My neighbor in Maine used to give me shell beans from her garden.
This mill pond and buildings were part of a cluster of buildings that were full of shops. There was a mill race where the water was rushing through.
Aren't these decorative gourds - decorative? Don't you love fall in New England!

Coming soon - our stay at the Daniel Rust House, a B&B in Coventry, Connecticut!


The Thrifty Stylist said...

wow! lucky you! only select trees are turning here in boston, and it's already snowing so they'll probably all just turn brown. sad!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh, just stunning. Clarice

Jane said...

What beautiful photos! That tree is an amazing burst of color. We won't see color on trees until at least December or whenever the few trees decide it's time to show off. Our neighborhood has sweet gums lining the streets...but they just turn brown and fall (probably because it's been so hot!). About the only htings I miss from our PA days are the fall colors (and bittersweet) and the apples.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. My sister, who is funding the shop, just moved to the Mt. Dora area from Harrisonburg, VA. She is missing fall...and the cooler climate. But her husband is happily fishing everyday. Hope to "see" you soon.
Jane (Artfully Graced)

Anonymous said...

That photo of the mill pond is pretty enough to frame! Thanks for leaving a recipe for the pantry party!


sheila from life @ #17 said...

hi :) so I ran over to check out your blog...and I'll be back...aren't Red Barns great? my first trip to Michigan with another friend from Georgia, as we started down for landing, we kept leanin' over, lookin' out the window, just amazed by 1) all the straight lines on the farm fields and all of those Red Barns! around here the barns are mostly, um, au naturale :)

If I ever get my hen house, it will probably be Barn Red :)

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your foliage pictures are beautiful. We went to Vermont over the Columbus Day weekend and were disappointed by the foliage. It was hard to tell if it wasn't peak yet or past peak, very limited color. Looks like all the color is in Connecticut right now, but is coming on here in Southeastern Mass, despite Sunday's snow. I'll be back when I have time to look around your blog!

TheOldPostRoad said...

Can't wait to see the B&B! Those pictures are beautiful - as are the ones in Virginia from an earlier post. We live in a beautiful world.

Where in Georgia are you from?

You asked on my blog how I have 11.5' ceilings. "I don't know" - is my answer. My house was built around 1850 and is not plumb ANYWHERE! Thanks for visiting!

TheOldPostRoad said...

Hi! I am in Madison (near Athens). I joined the DAR a few years back and you are right - it is amazing what is online. The county where I was born in NC was able to email me a scanned copy of my great-great grandmother's death certificate. My mother's family is from Coffee County Ga - where there were alot of Mormons - so the genealogy trees in that area are very much complete. Good luck with your searching.

Struggler said...

Fabulous pictures, as always. Have you thought of turning these into greetings cards and opening an Etsy store? I love the mill but the gourds are visually very attractive too.

joanie said...

Nancy -- thanks for the encouraging comments.

Your photos are spectacular. I totally enjoyed the virtual visit.


Linda said...

I just love your photos. I always wanted to live in New England, but I'm a west coast person and I guess I wasn't willing to get that far away from family, now I'm too old. I did get to see it a few times. Also I have a lot of books about it. Enjoy the season. Linda

Linda said...

I see you live in VA now.I would think moving from the south to New England would be difficult for some people, but each area has it's difficulties and it's joys. VA is an area I've never visited, but I bet it's beautiful too. Nova Scotia would be lovely. We moved from CA to WA and love it here. I would never move back altho I miss certain things, this lifestyle suits me better. Linda