Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Special Pet Photo

This is my pet photo for the Week 27 photo challenge
@ iheartfaces.blogspot.com, the photography blog.

My cat Paws asleep on the back of my recliner. He curls around my head, puts his paws on my shoulders and wraps his tail around my neck. He loves it when I rock and doesn't even mind when I recline. He just hangs on and purrs!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I've been out of town and I'm just now getting around to returning comments. I'm off to look at your blog now. Hope you have a great week! Cute cat photo.

Alea said...

He looks so content!

Anonymous said...

He looks so peaceful. Don't you wish we could sleep like that?

Struggler said...

Paws looks like he's mastered the art of peaceful napping!

Do you ever look at the cat photos on LoLCats?
Most of them are captioned (with spelling as if an animal had written it). I liked this earthquake drill.

Heather said...

Very sweet! What a cutie!