Monday, July 6, 2009

Is he the one?

Is this my "pot digger" and "flower destroyer?" See my post with pictures of the pots. It started innocently enough. We decided to add a suet cage on the deck pole that holds our "squirrel buster" bird feeder. That was going well and we had three different types of woodpecker couples plus cardinals, nuthatches and others. After seeing bluebirds (!) in the yard we added the tray feeder for special bluebird food and meal worms. Then this raccoon decided to join the free lunch party and bring all his friends and relatives. At the same time, the squirrels found they could reach the suet and the tray feeder. With the four-legged critters pigging out the birds never got a turn!

It takes a lot to scare away the raccoons and squirrels. If I run out hollering and stamping my feet they will do a dive off the deck and outsmart me by going just far enough that they are eating again by the time I sit down! They are so cute and fun to watch but we had to stop putting out the suet and filling the tray feeder. And if my flowers are dug up again they better watch out! We have threatened to electrify the pole to give them a mild shock but we haven't a clue how to go about it. Just as well. We would probably only shock ourselves!


used cars wisner said...

Awww, he's so adorable! My neighbor was complaining my cats were tearing up the garbage even though they're inside all night. I sat up till I heard garbage bags tearing and caught 3 raccoons enjoying a late night snack.

Struggler said...

Wow - what a pestilence, but great photo! I know how hard it can be to outwit squirrels; it looks like you may have a determined bunch of raccoon friends too.
I suspect you'll be entertaining us for a while with their exploits... unluckily for your feathered visitors.

Anonymous said...

We always have the dilemma, do we attract the wildlife but risk the garden? They must be pretty bold to let you snap a picture! But he is cute!

Alea said...

He looks guilty to me!