Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring in Virginia

I have been transplanting ferns from the woods (where they grow abundantly) into my shady yard. Having already gone over my budget for plants this spring, this is a good way to fill in areas with plants that thrive in poor soil and can survive our hot dry summers. Besides, I love ferns. They look so cool and delicate.


wvceli said...

This is a lovely photo!
Other great ideas for getting plants cheaply is to ask at future construction sites, developer owned land, and local perennial swaps.

Sometimes neighbors with Day lilies, hostas and bulbs will split or swap for new things to add to their garden or for produce.

Ellen said...

I love ferns too. They are one of my favorite plants, partly because of the way the fiddle heads uncurl. I planted some underneath the pine tree in the side yard.

Nancy Hoffmann said...

These are good ideas! Thanks for the suggestions. We should all have gardening friends who like to share plants.