Sunday, February 15, 2015

Birds in Winter

The feeder near our window is a busy place. The birds perch in the rhododendren as they wait their turn to approach the feeder and pluck a few seeds.

Our cat, Maci, lounges on the back of the recliner only inches from the glass and watches avidly. With the frigid winter and deep snow, the level of seeds in the feeder goes down quickly. We drive miles out of our way to buy shelled sunflower hearts. Can't let our feathered friends down, can we?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Going Stir Crazy or Fun With Ice

There is a lot of snow out there and instead of soft snowbanks we have hard icy ones. Last night's low was -2 and it was windy all day. Tomorrow we are to get another big snow. Predictions are from 6-12 inches or more. So maybe I am going a little crazy about now.

I did have a wonderful art day with two friends. What can be better than friends, lots of polymer clay, a fired up woodstove, plenty of food and large windows for watching a snowfall of fat, fluffy flakes? It was food for the soul in this long cold winter! Did I take pictures? No. Too busy eating and having a good time.

Today's picture is me having fun with ice.This is a pot of ivy that has turned pink in the cold. The leaves are decorated with icicles. I used a filter to change the look and ramp up the color.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Art Chain on Facebook

My artist friends are doing an Art Chain on Facebook. After an artist posts three artworks a day for five days, he/she nominates another artist to do the same. So now it is my turn. I want to share some of the work I have been posting on NancyOliviaDesigns Facebook page.

An early freezing rain coated these leaves while they were still green.

An ice storm later in the season coated these branches to sparkle in the sunshine.