Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Still working on "The Big Cleanout"

When I moved into this house in August 2010, I promised my family to get rid of everything which would not fit into the house. I wrote a post about it - A Rash Promise. Now it is 2014 and I am still trying to fulfill this promise. It is not easy! After several yard sales, a load to the antique auction, many trips to the Salvation Army box and give-aways to family, can you believe there is still a "get rid of pile?"

At least I am past this kind of chaos. This is the way all my craft and art supplies were when we moved in.

I recently added my bathroom scale to the pile. No, I did not stop weighing and hoping to loose weight, but Mr. B had a scale and now we share. My son-in-law and I wanted to switch from plastic food storage containers to glass ones. When we bought the glass I got rid of lots of the plastic. The pile I put away just-in-case is now going out. I am serious about this clean out!

The fact that I have become so interested in exhibiting my photography and digital paintings and started Nancy Olivia Designs has created a storage problem. By reusing frames I try to keep the additional stuff under control.

The hard truth is that it is difficult to sell things which I do not want to give away. It is not easy to sell antiques or used items. I find it is easier to create a pile of it all than to deal with it. The Quest goes on!

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