Friday, May 7, 2010

Irises and Garden Shoes

It has been another warm week in Central Virginia. The leaves and the grasses look like mid-summer. Farmers already have their first cutting of hay down.

These are closes ups of my irises. Isn't the veining lovely?

I love the way you can look inside the flower!

These are gardening shoes I bought in early spring. I wore them to Connecticut and learned they are also good in the snow. They are rubber like and waterproof. The inside is felt and they may be too hot to wear in the heat. I like how easy they are to slip on compared to having to lace up sneakers.

Be sure and visit "Tootsie Time" and Flaunt Your Flowers Friday. You'll love seeing what she has in the greenhouse!

I'm also joining Cluadia at "Dipity Road" for Finding Beauty Friday. Her photos are amazing!


Angel said...

Your Iris's are sooo pretty! I just love the lavender ones. Looks like mine will be opening soon. Your blooms are so pretty! Happy Gardening!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oh my what a gorgeous Iris. I am definitely a purple lover and anything purple has my heart!

AND you boots... well just say that i have a pair similar and you will be surprised how wonderful they are in the summer -- heat and all. I love mine!

Thanks so much for joining us on FFB :)

Hugs GF


Glenda said...

Beautiful blog...
love the clogs..

Beth said...

Your irises are glorious! You captured them well - nice photography! I also love your porch!!!

Alea said...

Your irises are beautiful! I can't wait for mine to flower, but I will have to.

Lisa B. said...

Love your irises. Mine are blooming also and it amazes me how photography brings out the veining detail in them.

Tootsie said...

just beautiful!
I am so glad you have joined in on FF this week...thank you. I hope you will share with my meme again soon!
Spring is finally showing herself here and I get to start hardening off my flowers this soon I will have something growing outside too!

Beth said...

Hi! I came back to respond to your questions on the composter and raised beds. The new raised beds are built with cedar. It is long-lasting and termites don't bother it. You can also use treated wood, but only for non-root vegetables; i.e. no carrots or radishes as the chemicals get in the soil. You could also use one of those products (you see them advertised in magazines to build decks from) that is part wood and part man-made material and very durable. We bought corners for the raised beds from Gardener's Supply, Ron built the composter out of cedar also. He looked at a photo I'd found of a composter online and modified it to my desires. It actually is very light; he can lift it when we are ready to get the compost out. A side opening door would be nice, though. I plan to write more on compst - why compost, and how to compost, for the next Fertilizer Friday. Hope this information helps. Plus, the mystery plant is pulmonaria, not sure of the cultivar, probably Claire Dane. You can always google pulmonaria and look at the images online to see if they look like your plant. Good luck as you relocate!
Blessings, Beth