Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Munching in the Garden!

The exciting news is that the hydrangeas I planted last fall are blooming! I had a friend visit today and we did a photo shoot in the yard. She is giving me some pointers on Lightroom and here are the results. I am so used to finishing my photos in PhotoShop Elements that I'm having to push myself to use Lightroom. It requires more thinking!

Something has been eating my flowers, both the blooms and the leaves. I saw some shinny trails that I recognized as slug trails. So every evening I go out and put out my little cans of slug bait. Little swimming pools for them! Since I didn't want to sacrifice my good beer, I made a mixture of warm water, yeast and sugar. Works great. The slugs can't wait to crawl in and drown.

As I was putting out the slug pools tonight, in the dark, with my flashlight, I discovered what else is MUNCHING my plants. There were earwigs and beetles on the daisy blooms and the zinnias. So I picked them all off and crushed them. In the morning I will empty the slug pools and squish any slugs still alive. I sound blood thirsty, don't I? But I don't like seeing holes in the plants leaves and half eaten flowers.


Miss Char said...

Hey its what we do for our plants :). Your hydrangea looks like its going to be a beauty and I love the photo. I really need to pick a photo shop program and learn to use it. Thanks for sharing and in a few weeks you'll have some beautiful hydrangeas that are dried and ready to be brought inside.

Janet said...

I am usually plagued by slugs ( and the only gardener in town with the problem), but this year not a slug has been seen...so far. The earwigs have been voracious and I absolutely detest earwigs. Looks like your hydrangea will be lovely.