Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Leaves Mosaic

Everyone has been posting beautiful mosaics and I have been so envious. Apparently my Photoshop Elements does not have an application for creating these. If I am wrong, and one of you knows how to create a mosaic in Elements, please let me know. After much searching, I found a free program on the internet called "Shape Collage." It was not easy to use and needs more study. If you know of an easy way to do this on a Mac, PLEASE let me know!!

These photos were all taken in my yard and two were actually snapped from my porch!

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Valerie said...

Hello, I'm a tad bit tardy in responding to your mosaic question. I own both the professional version of Photo Shop and Elements 7 - I haven't found a way to make a mosaic in either. Photo Bucket has some fun free "effects" - I enjoy "sketch". Big Huge Labs and Picasa both have easy to use mosaic builders. I hope this helps.