Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cut Flowers

I'm hooked on Cut Flowers. Join the Hooked on Fridays party. Another trip to the farm market for sweet corn and the cut flowers in this sun filled corner made me glad I had my camera with me!

After studying the lovely photographs that you all put on your blogs I have decided to add a new camera to my Christmas list. I want my photos to be as luscious as Claudia's of the Dippity Road.
I think my composition is okay but my photos don't have the clarity I want. Am I being a bad girl or what? I just got my new 15 inch Mac laptop, a new Photoshop Elements program and now I want a new camera! Greedy girl!


Country girl said...

hi... loved your pictures.. i love cut flowers too... i am debating whether i should get a new camera... which one are you thinking of? was told nikon would be a good choice... so confusing... i also got a macbook pro... love it... ive been using iphoto.. so how is Photoshop Elements program different?


pk said...

Those photos are SO beautiful and colorful! Love the flowers.

Cristin said...

I love the sunflowers. Great pix.


Terry said...

I've used Photoshop Elements for years. I do about 5 things with it. You can really eat up some time trying to make a good picture better. Sometimes it's worth it. It's so mouse intensive, learn all the shortcut keys you can. Ctlr-L (levels) is big, Atl-FW (save for web), Alt-IRI (image size), Alt-IRS (Canvas size). Photoshop has been very hard on my mouse finger particularly with the magic wand tool. (And I only know how to do 5 things.)

The Thrifty Countrywoman said...

I have my own cutting garden. We were going to sell the flowers at the local farmer's market, but just got to busy to do it. Oh well! There's always next year!

Becky K. said...

I was surprised by cut flowers yesterday...and not from my husband...I posted about it.

Your photos are great. So colorful. It seems there is always someone to encourage us on to bigger and better things. Not such a bad thing.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Porch Days said...

To Country Girl-
Tried to find your blog but your profile gave no info except to say your blog was Second Grade and that was a dead end.
I have not started to research cameras. Mine is a 3.2 mega pixel Sony that I have used for 8 years. I am torn between getting something small that will fit in my small purse (to always have handy) or getting the real deal that will be larger and more difficult to carry around. My daughter & her hubby just bought a refurbished camera but I haven't seen any shots from it.

Britt said...

I understand what you mean - I've been wanting a new camera since I started blogging, too. I think your photos are pretty as is, though. Thanks for stopping by A Penny Saved and leaving a comment!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ahhh...I can just about smell those gorgeous posies!!